"The price of living has sky rocketed!"

If we agree on one thing throughout the duration of this blog, it is that, in fact, the price of living is outrageous. Fuel prices, grocery prices, electricity... all of it almost feels like a luxury item now a days. However, one thing that hasn't changed? Our prices and desire to help you become the best you possible.

Month after month, we formulate the best possible deals to help you accomplish your goals at an affordable cost! Not only do we sell the product, we help you develop your dream, stick to your goals and be your biggest cheerleader to create a new lifestyle you're proud of.

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Also in July, you will receive amazing bonuses when starting your new form of secondary income. The power of having a secondary income you can do from your phone is so much more than what meets the eye. It's having an extra $500/month to pay for groceries, fuel and other outrageous expenses. It's qualifying for all expense paid trips. It's being able to spend more time with your friends and family instead of working overtime at your 9-5. It's also being able to impact other peoples lives and meet new friends along the way all from the power of your phone.

This month when you start your new business, for every person you impact and help order product, you will receive a $20 bonus on top of your commission from that sale. That is endless opportunities to make extra cash for the duration of July!

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Whatever your goals are this month, all of us at RPX want to help you become the best possible version of yourself.

Talk soon!

-RPX Enterprises